Summer Flowers

What does summer smell like to you? Freshly cut grass? Fragrant flowers? Refreshing fruits?

We might not get as much sun as we’d like, but we can’t deny that the US’s great outdoors smells lovely in summer. But if you’re stuck inside on sunny days, or purposely avoiding the heat, we’ve found a way to bring those summer day aromas, indoors with the help of the Zaahn Ultra Chill.

Stay cool and bring your favorite summer smells indoors

Zaahn Ultra Chill - Your Personal Chill Zone - Just Fill, Press & Chill - The Ultimate Mood Maker

The Zaahn Ultra Chill personal cooler and humidifier is not only the perfect way to keep cool this summer but with its built-in aroma compartment, you can enjoy your favorite summer-day fragrances indoors too.

And to help you create the perfect homemade summer scents, we’ve put together 10 easy essential oil recipes for you to choose from. Fruity, floral, sweet, or fresh–whatever aromas you prefer, we’ve covered them all.

Key essential oils you’ll need include:

• Peppermint

• Lavender

• Sandalwood

• Rose

• Chamomile

• Ylang-Ylang

• Tea tree

• Jasmine

• Lemon

• Bergamot

1. Summer breeze

Summer Breeze

3 drops of lemongrass

2 drops of orange

1 drop of peppermint

2. Summer sunshine


3 drops of orange

2 drops of ginger

2 drops of ylang-ylang

3. Ocean breeze

Ocean Breeze

3 drops of orange

2 drops of lime

1 drop of spearmint

4. Cool it

Cool It

3 drops of grapefruit

2 drops of lavender

1 drop of orange

5. Sunny day

Sunny Day

3 drops of lavender

2 drops of bergamot

1 drop of lemon

1 drop of sandalwood

6. Be happy

Be Happy

1 drop of jasmine

5 drops of lime

3 drops of sweet orange

1 drop of cinnamon

7. Sun kissed


1 drop of jasmine

3 drop of sandalwood

4 drops of bergamot

2 drops of grapefruit

8. Beach life

Beach Life

10 drops of lime

7 drops of bergamot

2 drops of ylang-ylang

1 drop of rose

9. Sunny sunset

Sunny Sunset

3 drops of chamomile

3 drops of rose

2 drops of tea tree

10. Cool breeze

Cool Breeze

3 drops of tea tree

2 drops of jasmine

1 drop of lavender

New Zaahn Ultra Chill Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Zaahn Ultra Chill Aromatherapy Oils

Now you have everything you need to make your own homemade summery fragrances for your Zaahn Ultra Chill. But keep your eyes peeled for our new range of aromatherapy oil scents. Designed to energize and invigorate, the new range makes those precious summer days last even longer. Enjoy!

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