Orbitrek X17 - Multiple Exercise

With recent health concerns limiting and even closing local fitness facilities, the desire to work out at home is on the rise.  Traditionally, only a few workout machines were available in the at-home fitness market. These include old fashioned machines as treadmills, bikes, steppers, climbers, and ellipticals.  But now, thanks to Thane Fitness, the at-home fitness enthusiast just got a new, breakthrough option with the Orbitrek X17. This amazing fitness machine takes the single path movements of all 5 old fashioned machines and combines them into a workout featuring 17 ever-changing burn paths. This means you will burn more calories, work more muscles, and keep your mind focused more than ever before!
Let us dig a little deeper and investigate all the benefits that the Orbitrek X17 has to offer!
Exercise the Way Nature Intended   Old fashioned exercise machines lock the user in a single, repetitive exercise path. The repetitive motion is not only boring for your mind, but for your muscles as well. Your body gets used to repetitive motion. You get bored and are more likely to quit. The Orbitrek X17 solves all that with its revolutionary “dual crank” design. This fitness innovation allows for 17 unique burn paths. There is no repetition, so your mind and muscles don’t get bored.  It is working out like running in nature and is the way your body was designed to move.
  • Burn a Well Lot of Calories

Orbitrek X17 - Burn Calories

Want to crush your calorie-burning goals in a short amount of time? Then the Orbitrek X17 cross trainer is your new best friend. A leading university study proves you will burn 34% more calories* on the Orbitrek X17 than on a traditional exercise bike! And that is good news for you and your body!
  • Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Cardio exercise is an essential part of a balanced workout routine. Working on a cross-trainer machine increases your heart rate which in turn strengthens your heart muscles.

With Orbitrek X17, you can either choose a high-level intense training or even a steady cardio workout.

  • Cross Trainer Workout

Orbitrek X17 - BURN-PATHS

Unlike regular treadmills, Orbitrek X17 not only works on your lower body but also interacts with the upper body, giving you a full-body workout.

With proper workout routine, you may able to gain more muscles throughout the body and burn more calories than you might have on a regular lower-body-only machine.

  • Low impact
Working out doesn’t have to be painful! Running and jogging on a treadmill can add tremendous pressure to your knees and ankles. This can lead to discomfort and even injury! But the Orbitrek X17 is an extremely low-impact movement.  The workout is tough on calories and fat, but easy on your joints!
  • Exciting Workouts

Keeping your mind focused and motivated is an important key to fitness success.  The Orbitrek X17’s 17 ever-changing burn paths engage your muscles and brain in the workout.  In addition, the streaming workout videos will provide the right amount of instruction and motivation to help you reach any fitness goal.
So, what are we waiting for? The new generation workout machine is all set to make your fitness routine more fun and effective. Get one for yourself now!!
In short, Orbitrek X17 is a cardio workout machine that will change the way you workout forever. Find out how you can reach your fitness goal with Orbitrek X17 here.