Summers are perfect to enjoy outdoor activities especially like cycling. The beauty of cycling is that it’s something anyone can do – young or old. And it is a great way to keep fit whether you’re cycling to work, to the shops or just to get out and about a bit more, cycling.

Cycling looks simple – just pedal and you are good to go, right? But sometimes it becomes intimidating by the thoughts like gears, yikes, spandex, or many more. But not to worry, once you ride for the first time, you’ll be hooked by the feeling of adventure, joy, and freedom which always comes along with the bike. We have curated some helpful tips that will be useful for you to hit the road with confidence.

Find the right bike for you

Obviously, you can’t begin with an extraordinary set of wheels. While we must have heard or read about all types of bikes you would be interested in one that is suitable for the road here. To get started with bike shopping, your local bike shop might help you by recommending the right bike size for you. Depending on your needs the price range changes. You can get a decent bike to start within a very minimal budget but if you’re planning on cycling regularly, it’s worth spending more to get a bike that’s a bit more robust.

Invest in essential accessories

You don’t need much to start cycling. But there are one or two essentials you should seriously consider picking up.

  • Helmet: It isn’t compulsory but always recommended to wear a helmet from a safety point of view. A helmet doesn’t cost much, but they provide valuable protection. It can be easily found in any local bike store.
  • Lock:  If you are planning to leave your bike unattended, it is important to invest in a good bike lock. Some insurers have specific requirements for bike lock before they cover you. However, a decent d-lock is a sturdy and cost-effective option.
  • Lights: If you are planning on cycling after work or early in the morning, lights are a must. Again, it isn’t necessary, but it is for your own benefit. It will help other road users see you when the light levels are low.
  • Bike stand: If you are struggling with the storage space for the bike, we have a perfect solution for that too. There are sturdy and space-saving bike stands available that will free up your space as well as help you to keep your bike in place.

So, you’ve got your bike and you’ve got your bike gear. There are just a couple more checks you need to complete before you set off.

Make a Habit

Initially, you might find it cycling a bit difficult – your body is adjusting to the stress of a totally new activity. Just like the few days of Gym, dance classes, swimming lessons, etc. once you continue it for a while you will get used to it. The first step to make cycling a habit is to be realistic. Don’t expect that now as you have a new bike, you plan to ride 100 miles too soon. Start small and create a long-term mileage goal.

No matter whenever you decide to ride, make sure you are all geared up- clean your bike and pump your tires and stay ahead of time. Enjoy each ride to the fullest and take the advantage of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Stay Safe

Most inexperienced riders often cycle as close to the curb as possible, but this isn’t a good practice. As it will encourage other road users to try to squeeze past you and if there isn’t enough room to pass by – that’s where accidents can happen. Always ride a sensible 1m away from the side of the road. And give yourself some extra room when riding alongside parked cars… that way you don’t get taken out by someone opening their car door without looking.

One word of warning: if you find yourself behind a lorry, bus, or long van, don’t be tempted to stay on the left-hand side. Drivers will often struggle to see you coming, leaving you in danger if they decide to turn left. To be on the safe side, always overtake on the right.

Store your bike the clever way

Cycling is something you can enjoy almost all year round. But what should you do with your bike when you’re not cycling? Have you the room to fit your bike in your garage? What about in your house? If the answer’s no, consider checking out the Bike Nook from Thane. Put simply, the Bike Nook stores your bike vertically, saving you roughly 3½ feet of floor space, wherever you decide to store your bike.

All you do is reverse your bike back into the Bike Nook ramp, then pop the front wheel up and lock into place in a ‘handstand’ position. It takes just seconds, but you’ll enjoy the benefits for a long time after. For example, you can keep your bike indoors, knowing it won’t scratch the walls, doors, or ceilings. The Bike Nook stores your bike up and away!

The Bike Nook from Thane will store practically any bike you have – mountain bike, racer, road bike, hybrid bike, even kids’ bikes. So, it’s perfect for you however you like to ride.

So, if you’d like to know more about the ultimate storage solution for your bike, simply go here to discover the Bike Nook for yourself.