activator hero shotAfter witnessing the recent situation, we are all more obsessed with keeping not only ourselves but also our surroundings clean. But what is better than regular cleaners available in the market, that have major chemicals infused in them? One might suggest using homemade cleaners, but again it won’t be very effective.

Do not worry, at Thane, we got you covered. We offer some of the best-selling cleaning solutions, like those from the award-winning H2O range. One cleaner that stands out is the H2O e3 Cleaning System.

The reason H2O e3 Cleaning System is different from homemade or basic chemical cleaners is its own unique cleaning solution.

Now you might ask what this unique solution is?

electrolyzing water-saltIn simple terms, it is an electrolyzed salt and water. There’s no need for harmful chemicals with the H2O e3 Cleaning System, all it takes is table salt, tap water, and a little electricity for it to work.

Just add salt and water to the system’s Activator, which will then emit low levels of electricity and break apart the water and salt molecules to form two new oxidants. One is a powerful cleaner that cuts through grease and grime, while the other is a powerful sanitizer and deodorizer.

green cleaning solution

Apart from being safe and effective, its major benefits also include environment and pocket-friendliness. You heard us right, H2O e3 is a green cleaning solution, as it is made up of salt and water. You’ll be doing your bit to ensure that fewer chemicals are released into the atmosphere, which can only have a positive effect on the planet. Unlike homemade or basic chemical cleaners, H2O e3 never runs out! This means you won’t need to keep buying different cleaning products, simply top up your H2O e3 Cleaning System with table salt and tap water that you already have at home, and away you go.

It is a one-stop solution to all your cleaning needs. It can be filled in a spray bottle and can be used as a sanitizer in the office or home. Or can be used in your kitchen to remove odor from the cabinet and use as an air freshener too. Not only in-home or kitchen, but it can also be used as an odor eliminator for the car or a cleaning solution for your bathroom. Hence many problems, one solution.

So, in case you’re searching for a compelling, affordable, and eco-friendly cleaning solution that is ideal for each activity, consistent and all over the place – why not attempt the H2O e3 Cleaning System and experience the intensity of natural cleaning system today?